What is Permalink in WordPress? Why Do We Use Permalink?

Let me explain to you what is permalink in WordPress.

You may have visited a website and had seen a URL including lots of codes followed by the domain name. Right? That is what permalink means. 

With the help of permalink options in WordPress, you can make your site URL short and clean. 

For example: 

I am searching how to start a blog on Google, just notice what URL will appear.


Example of my blog URL 

Start a blog Permalink

In the above address, whatever comes after “startblogoline.com/” is a permalink. In this scenario, “how-to-start-a-blog/” you can say it’s a permalink.

My blog permalink is the address link to my post. So, if anybody wants to see my content, the permalink will help the user to reach my original content on the internet.

Benefits of Permalink

  • Easy to recognize what site is about with the help of the link itself.
  • People can easily save your URL to visit again.
  • It helps in Search Engine Optimization. 

What Are The Best Settings For Permalink In WordPress?

Simply go to your WordPress dashboard -> Under Settings, Click on Permalinks.

Wordpress Permalinks Settings

In the Permalinks settings page, you will find six options to select. 

  1. Plain 
  2. Day and name
  3. Month and name
  4. Numeric
  5. Post name
  6. Custome Structure

WordPress by default selects the “Plain” option.

Select the one which is best for your site. 

In my opinion, what I have seen the majority of people are doing including me – Go with the option called “Post name”. 

So, the next time whenever you publish a post, you will notice a post URL that includes heading.

Can I Have Permalinks Of My Own Choice?

Yes, you can have a permalink of your own choice. Like for example: if you are writing a post on how to create a blog and you want to see your blog URL should look – Your domain name.com/start-a-Blog/

You can do this with the help of the Yoast SEO Plugin. 

First, you need to install Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. 

Go to your site/blog dashboard -> Plugin -> Add New -> Type Yoast Seo in the search box. 

You will see the plugin. Just Install and Activate the Plugin. 

Yoast Seo Plugin for Permalink

Before publishing a post, Go down to the bottom of the post-editing section. You will see the Yoast SEO. 

Yoast Permalink Slug Option

Just click on Edit Snippet and change the “Slug”. Slug creates permalinks of your own choice.

Permalink Slug Edit

Final Words

My recommendation for you is – If you are running a blog, then you should go for “post name” in the permalink.

For the news website select “Day and name”.

Though permalinks sound like confusing but to be honestly speaking it’s a very simple thing. I hope this article must have given you an idea of what is permalink. 

You can share your ideas in the comments section below.

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