How To Make Money Blogging? (Covered Today’s Strategies)

Do you want to make money blogging? It’s a serious question!

I know blogging is something different and is trending because of people all around the world are searching for things on the internet. Being a blogger you can share your ideas and make cash if you apply monetization strategies.

I am going to get you through all the sources where you can build your own platform and earn money consistently. I have also covered today’s strategies that you should know to keep yourselves updated.

Many people share their ideas through their blog so that they can help others and make a profit from blogging. If you are an experienced blogger or a beginner, this post will help both the type of bloggers. 

So, whatever you know or you expertize in, start sharing it with your audiences. The more content you will create, the more options you will get your blog to become successful. 

If you are a newbie or want to start a blog then read this free guide to create a profitable blog.

How Much Can You Make Money With Blogging?

There is no fixed amount of earning you will make with blogging. There are many factors to add before you make your perception. 

There are people who don’t make a single dollar and I have seen people who started earning from within 3 months of blogging. 

I know people making more than $30,000 per month with having only one year of experience. There are people who also earning 6-7 figure monthly income.

The reason behind their success is that they took blogging seriously and not for just trying luck. Many bloggers knows how to create content, but they doesn’t know how to make good money with perfect strategy. 

This blog post will also going to share the most important earning platforms and traffic sources so that you will achieve success the way other successful people achieved. 

How To Make Your Blog Profitable?

To create a profitable blog, think about how you are going to provide value to your audience. What new or extra you can do that your competitors are not doing.

You need to think like a businessman. You must be thinking of selling something online. Right? 

So, whatever you are making people to purchase, share what benefit they will be going to get. How the product will solve their problem whether it’s small or big.

If you start explaining about features, then you may not earn much profit because people love to hear that something benefits them. Always remember.

Perfect blog monetization will give you extraordinary results. This is because there are various methods to monetize a blog but only applying the methods that suit your product will give you a result eventually. 

How To Make Money With Blog: Detailed Strategy

Make money blogging

Can you really make money blogging?

This section will guide you on how you can have your blog ready to go for earning. There are important steps that you need to take before you monetize your blog.  

To run a blog that

1. Make Money With WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog

How to make money blogging for beginners?

Before you start, you must have a blog. Many successful bloggers prefer starting a blog on WordPress. 

WordPress is an automated site management software. Here, you do not need to have coding experience.

You can easily manage your blog in a few clicks. No technical experience required. You can read my free blogging guide here and have your own profitable blog live from today. 

I personally manage this blog on WordPress and it has made many technical things simple for me. I do not have technical knowledge but still, I am managing this blog like a professional. 

2. Blog Design

Blog Design

Your blog design should match with the niche. There are various WordPress themes that you can use as per your niche. 

Get GeneratePress theme to give a professional look to your blog. This theme is recommended by top bloggers that are actually using it and making money.

Blog Design actually reflects how professional you are. It gives the first impression to the reader.

Make sure that you should not confuse people by putting lots of material at one page. Keep as simple as you can. 

Your audience should easily find the content that they are looking for. To make this task simple, use menu option so that they can easily find the content. 

Inside the post, mention the link of related posts or do internal linking. This will make the user to spend more time on your blog. They will pass on to the other page through internal linking. This will also make users reach to the exact page that they are really interested in. They may buy a product from that page eventually. So, internal linking is very important to improve the user experience as well as sales.

3. Create Content

Once your blog is ready, then the next step is to create content. Content should be unique and understandable. 

Do research before you start writing on the topic. See how many articles ranked on the first page of Google. Read them and write better than them. Provide more information and little lengthy.

Doing proper monetization will bring money to your pocket. I am going to share with you the platforms you can use to monetize your blog.

Remember: Your content should have the power to influence the reader. Share your personal ideas or anything that they may have not heard before. And yes, be genuine. 

How To Do Blog Monetization (Ways To Make Money Blogging)

Blog monetization is very important to make income strategically from different sources. You need to know what are the ways bloggers make money and what are not useful for your blog. I am going to get you through the most profitable sources of earning that can bring recurring income into your pocket. 

4. Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate program works well if you provide product reviews on your blog. You will find many products on Amazon that you can review and place a link on your blog for the people to buy through you. 

Join Amazon Affiliate Program for free and create an affiliate link. I would advise you to do a good research like which product you should review to make maximum. 

Check Amazon product list and the compensation to get the idea which product will give you a maximum profit. 

Choose the product which has less competition on Google and a good amount of compensation. 

Expensive products can bring more money than cheap products. So, go for expensive products, provide in-depth information in your article so that your audience feel like they have consumed a lot of information and now it’s time to take a decision. 

5. Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing promotion

Affiliate Marketing is a favorite source of income, especially for bloggers. I have seen the majority of bloggers make money from affiliate marketing. 

They do recommend the products or services and when someone join or takes action, they receive a commission. 

There are many affiliate networks you can join. Through an affiliate network, you will get a large number of affiliate products on a single platform. 

Join one or two affiliate networks at an initial stage and start promoting their listed products/services. 

If you decide to promote a particular product, you will get a unique link that will be tagged to your account. This enables network to know that the sale came through you. 

Bonus Tip: Do not promote multiple products in one article. You may confuse your reader about where to take decision. 

Always provide a product which will really help your audience. Don’t run after useless product that provides high commission. 

Your honesty will bring your audience back to your blog, hence they purchase more product due to you being honest.

6. Mediavine Ads

Mediavine offers payment on ads display. You can use some space on your blog and place Mediavine Ads and earn money based on clicks and impression.

You can do both affiliate marketing as well as place ads on your blog. But, the earning depends upon the number of people visit your blog. 

Many bloggers don’t place ads on their blog because it may affect their primary source of earning. People may click on ads and shift to other’s website. 

Do proper research before applying for Mediavine. They may not accept your application if you have less number of monthly visitors. 

7. Google AdSense

Google AdSense also displays ads on other people’s sites. If you want to earn extra, then you can go for it. 

You can earn as per clicks and impressions. The earning is low with AdSense compare to Mediavine, but still many people recommend Google Adsense. 

You can apply for AdSense even though you have less or a decent number of regular visitors. But make sure that your blog looks good. If you need an idea, explore my blog. 

8. Sell Your Own Course

 You can sell your own course online through your blog. Share whatever you know and charge a price for it. 

You can teach people through recorded videos or online session. A course should relate to your blog niche otherwise people may not buy it. 

Whatever expertise you are in, start teaching people. You can also reach other bloggers and ask them to promote your course for a good commission. 

One of the best way to sell courses is through Teachable. People will buy your course and have their access. You don’t need to create a separate login ID Password for buyers. 

9. Sell Ebooks

Get your own ebook and start selling it. It’s one of the best way to make a profit from blog. You do not need to create paper copies. Ebook is the pdf book that people download to their phone or computer. 

You need to show your audience that you are a professional. Show your success proof before you place a call to action to sell an ebook. 

The price of the ebook depends on how popular you are on the internet. If you are at an initial stage of blogging or this is your first ebook then keep the price low. 

You must have a payment gateway where people fill the banking details and purchase it. Instamojo is somewhat famous to create an ebook payment gateway. 

Have a good online display cover with eye-catchy topics and information about ebook.  promote as much as possible, but do not overdo it on your blog. 

10. Freelancing Services

Freelancers are the one who helps people in doing their tasks. You can provide freelancing services through your blog. 

Mention in your blog that you provide assistance to the people who want to outsource their business. 

Mention your contact number and email address so that people can contact you and share their task. 

You can charge them on an hourly basis or project-wise. If you provide better service, then they may contact you again and give you more work. 

Charge them as little as possible at an initial stage of the contract. Once you start giving results, you can approach for a raise. 

You must have one service to be super cheaper to attract new clients. Once people reach you, then you can introduce your other services and charge them a good price. 

11. Podcast

Make Money with Podcast

Share your podcast episode, build an audience and start making money blogging from sponsorship and listeners. There are companies that contact the podcasters who are having a good number of audience. 

You can also promote your blog and bring new traffic. Start podcasting side by side and build your base. Podcasting is one of the cheapest way to start your own online business. You Just need to have a mic and a recorder at the starting stage. 

Do well research before you start your podcast. Make a note of important points that you are going to speak. Always share the valuable information and talk about something that is problem-solving. 

This will increase the number of subscribers also past listeners will again come to your next podcast episode. 

12. Make Money From Sponsored Post

See, once you start getting visitors, you will be approached by many companies who want to promote their products or services. 

If you are really interested in making money from your blog through the sponsored post, then make sure you do your own research and then decide whether to go with the company or not. 

There are companies may approach you and offer you good money, but their product may not be useful to your audience. Never do an agreement with such companies. 

I cannot say how much you can make, because it all depends upon the number of visitors visit your blog or the number of leads you generate. 

Before publishing a sponsored post, you must follow disclosure guidelines related to your country.

13. Review Post

Review a post and let the audience know about a product or service. This is one of the most powerful method to attract the audience and bring sales to your account. 

People like review posts before taking a buying decision. You can create a comprehensive content including pros and cons. 

Be genuine when you write a review post. If they smell that you are promoting instead of giving an honest review, they may leave your site and may never visit again. 

So, in short, always provide an honest review. People will then take your recommendation seriously. 

If the product is not good for a specific audience, mention this in the post. The more genuine you are, the more trust you will gain and a respect from the audience. 

14. Sell Blogs

There are many successful bloggers who sell their blogs for money. You can also do the same. 

Create a blog with a nice domain name and sell it online. You can also publish some posts and get visitors so that they start gaining organic traffic. 

This needs an investment. You may be required to buy a multiple domains and make them run successfully on the internet. 

The more audience or business opportunities the blog has, the more money you can ask during the sale.

15. Sell Domain Names

Domain names

Buying a domain names at a cheap price and sell it with 1000’s of dollars profit. This is a domain name business. 

There are people who daily search for good domain names. You can do the same and offer a domain name on your blog for a specific price tag. 

You can also list your domain name on the best domain marketplace such as Godaddy, Sedo, NameJet, Igloo, DomainNameSales, etc.

16. Banner Advertisement

There are companies who want to expand their business and reach audiences. They place banner ads on other people’s sites and pay on a daily or monthly basis. 

Your blog free space can bring a good monthly recurring income through banner ads. To monetize this way, you need to grow you blog. 

When your blog reach to success, each space on your blog will have a value. You can charge as per your monthly page visit or fixed price.

Before going ahead, make sure that you place an advertisement relevant to your site otherwise don’t accept it. Your audience may not like it. 

17. Sell Teachable Courses

If you don’t have your own online courses at present, you can sell other people’s courses. Contact people who are selling courses on Teachable. Let them know about your blog and ask for an affiliate link. 

Place that affiliate link on your post and have a new affiliate earning. You will get a good commission on selling courses as people sell courses in packages which are expensive and worth it. 

You can also sell Udemy courses, but the earning may not as high as teachable. You can go for both and see which one converts best and then continue the one which will give you the best earning option to make money from blogging. 

18. Webinar

Webinar Online Courses

If you want to manage your blog professionally, then conducting a webinar may be super useful for your blogging business. 

Frankly speaking, many bloggers sell their products/services through the webinar. This technique generates extraordinary sales in less time. 

You can also offer a free webinar on a scheduled time and sell your things. The idea to bring people on your webinar is that you need to promise people that you are going to share something very important for free. 

This will encourage people to register your webinar and participate in a serious mood. 

Don’t make your webinar boring. Keep them engaging by asking questions or make them type something during the webinar. This way they will become an active listener. 

You must share the knowledge that you had promised them during the registration process. Keep the sales pitch on the last section of the webinar.  

19. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a very powerful technique to earn extra income. Let your audience fill-up the form. Popup form works well to build an email list.

You can join email marketing services like MailChimp and start sending emails. Many people sell free courses so that people would buy some service in that free course.

If you see any product that problem-solving, you can send them an email and recommend them to join. 

Make sure that you send fewer emails otherwise your subscribers may unsubscribe you or block you. This may tag your email address under spam. 

Remember: You must follow the GDPR policy. Never share your subscribers details with anyone. 

20. Sell Software

A blog is a great platform to promote your software online. You can sell your own software, WordPress Plugins, WordPress theme, mobile software, Windows software and many more. 

Show your audience how the software can benefit them. Give them a free or a trial version of the software. 

It’s better if you give the software for free and charge money for any service they want.

A software developer or a software company may approach you to promote their service and pay you for promotion. This can be an extra source of income for you. 

Do research before promoting anything directly from the third party. 

Sources of Blog Traffic To Make Money

Blog Traffic to Make money

To make money blogging, you need to promote your blog to multiple platforms. You need to check where people are active/spend their time online. There are many platforms that I am going to share with you so you won’t find challenges to get traffic to your blog. 

21. Create a Facebook Community Group

As soon as you start publishing posts on your blog, you need to create a Facebook group and create a community where you and group members share ideas and posts. 

Share informational content and let other people join your FB group. This increases the revenue because you are the admin of the group. 

Whenever you share your article, people will take it seriously and visit your post. 

Get other bloggers to your group and give them some kind of priority. Share their articles on your group so that they would share your article. 

Take participation if someone shares something on your group. But, make sure that you should not allow anything spam. 

22. Run Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are the cheapest and effective platforms to run ads. If you have a good budget and a good profit margin, then you should go for it. 

If you see return is more than your ad spends, then start increasing your ad budget at a small percentage. Don’t go for maximum investment in ads. Just learn first and then increase your budget on stages. 

You can manage Facebook and Instagram ads from one platform called Facebook ads manager. 

Facebook Ads manager has many options to manage your ads in a few clicks. 

You will definitely going to enjoy the traffic from Facebook and Instagram Ads if you do it perfectly. Keep doing the test so that you will know how to get maximum return on low ads investment.

23. Pinterest

I love Pinterest traffic. You should share your articles on Pinterest and get free traffic. I am saying this because of my personal experience. 

The traffic you will get from Pinterest is free of cost, you just need to create a pins and publish it on a regular basis. 

You will start noticing people visiting your blog from Pinterest. This will increase your revenue of the blog. 

If in-case your pin goes viral, you will start receiving traffic in bulk. So, my recommendation to you is, create a pin that people will love by watching it. 

Use some keywords in the description to let Pinterest know where to categorize and show your pin to a specific audience. 

24. Quora

Do you know Quora also allows people to link their articles? Yes, they do allow but they have a policy that you must read before linking your blog post link to your quora answer. 

When you answer quora, you should not link your article on every answer you provide. So, out of ten answers, link only two of your answers. Quora may accept it. Keep answering quora on a daily basis to earn some authority. 

You will find many questions related to your blog niche. Just give your best answer. People will upvote your answer if they like. This will increase your ranking in Quora. 

25. Instagram

Create your business account on Instagram and start sharing your post with the proper hashtags. 

You will start noticing an organic reach to your post. You can mention your blog URL in your profile so that people will reach your blog through Instagram. 

Build your follower and keep sharing valuable post and stories to get growth in the traffic. You may get a blue tick if Instagram find you genuine and sharing a good post on a regular basis. 

Reply to the people who are genuinely asking the questions. They may buy something through your affiliate link if they get influenced by you. 

26. Linkedin

Linkedin is a social site where you will communicate with professionals. The organic reach of LinkedIn is very good at present. I am telling you, spend a good amount of time on social sites to reach maximum people. 

Be active on Linkedin. You may find a maximum number of people who take a serious decision. Reach those audiences and share your post with them. 

People who are using Linkedin may not be spending time on other places. Hence, this is the reason why you should target almost all the social sites. 

This will eventually increase your earning from a blog and its growth for sure. 

27. Reddit

Reddit is basically a community social site where you share your post answer, questions, comments and many more. 

I have seen many people spend their time on Reddit for educational and entertainment purposes. 

Try to get Karma points to enjoy the pro features of Reddit. Do research on Google and then spend time on Reddit. 

Nowadays social sites are more cautious from spam activities. So, don’t do any spamming activities otherwise you may get banned. 

Challenges In Making Money With A Blog

  • It requires a consistent effort, especially in the initial stage. 
  • Running a professional blog requires an investment in premium theme and plugins.
  • Nowadays people have moved to different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. You need to promote your blog on all those platforms and show them that you are an active user. 
  • At an initial stage, you need to motivate yourself. Your blog will not become popular overnight. You need to publish new content on a regular basis and this a kind of challenge.
  • If you are already doing a job then running your own blog will become an extra job for you. But this extra job may turn up to an actual business for you and become a source of income far bigger than your full-time job. 

Final Words

If you follow the right steps to make money with a blog, you will definitely achieve success. 

Have diversified earning as well as sources of traffic. Don’t rely on only one platform to make money blogging. 

You will need to evolve yourself to reach success in less time. Blogging is something easy if you do it in the right manner. 

You must show your consistency so that you will be seen in almost all the places on the internet. People will start noticing you and eventually, you will be having your own set of audiences to whom you can inspire and generate income consistently. 

Blogging is not a weekly task. You need to be active at least five days a week. No matter whether you are doing a job or running a business. You need to be active if you want to grow exponentially and make money consistently.

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